Activities in LLoret 111 – ARBRE AVENTURA LLORET DE MAR

Arbre aventura Lloret actividades

What is ArbreAventura?

ArbreAventura is an activity park in a natural environtment where you can have a funny time climbing between mediterranean trees. This park is composed by zips, foot posts, gothic bridges…

Who can go to ArbreAventura?

ArbreAventura is appropiated for all kind of people, since 3 years old to 99. Its intallations are specially adequated for school groups, sport groups, summer camps… Inside of the same park there are some picnic areas and mini Golf, also we offer Mini Golf, elastic beds and kids zone.

Activity formation in AbreAventura

All the clients have a theoric and practic explanation before to beginning with the activity. They practice with muskets and they interactive with the instalations. Our staff have an special safety degree to take care of the clients.

Finallity in ArbreAventura:

The activities are carried out off the ground, in trees, with maximum security. This brings us to the personal growth of each user, overcome fear of heights, to step into the void. It gives us solidarity and respect for others, since the activity to be performed by groups and must have the motivation among them. Physical and mental resources of each will be tested to overcome fears, getting the satisfaction it brings to overcome the challenge itself.

Advises about ArbreAventura:

To carry out the activity advise you to bring comfortable clothing, sweatpants, jeans, etc.., Sneakers or trekking type. It is recomment to pick your hair.

Package includes the Red Circuit

Difficulty: High, to overcome challenges.

Height: Minimum height of 1.40 meters participant.

Duration: approximately 1h.30 min.

Description: This is the most fun, but not easy. Difficult, but not impossible, complete with large zip. There are 34 games over the great 100 meter zip line.

Activities: Abseiling, step boards, rondinos stampede etc ...

There are other types of circuits with other levels. If you are interestedyou should contact us under

Green Circuit 10 € - Blue Circuit 17€  - Black Circuit 19€ or packs that combine different circuits.


It ‘s compulsory to select the day you want to do the activity in the blank of: ORDERS COMMENTS. Just after filling up CUSTOMER INFORMATION and BILLING INFORMATION.

Once you finish the reservation, you will get on your email the confirmation of your purchase, but you will need a voucher to do the activity. RADIALTOURS will send to your e.mail this voucher, after checking that everything is correct. Without this voucher you cannot do the activity.

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